Who am I?

I am a mama. I am a soul. I am a soul-mama. I pop around in other guises, home-life, work-life etc. but for the purposes of the here and now (or the ‘hear’ and now) I am a soul-mama.

I have had the privilege of experiencing parts of my own pre-conception, prenatal and birth journey. These experiences have been accessed over the years through self discovery, study paths and personal support. Recently through support from Birthing Your Life as part of a course of study I am undertaking.

I find it very hard to remember what I did 2 days/hours/minutes ago, but in widening to the greater landscape of what can be perceived, I have had some wonderful experiences of the early time in my        pre-life life. That’s awesome.

I have had the unbelievable privilege of experiencing connection with my children in many ways  before conception and prenatally – mostly through working with Shelley Lemaire. Again, recently through Embody The Spiral as part of a Global Unified Body workshop I have been connecting and receiving them in their truth, and connecting with my incoming soul in its purity and honesty. That’s also truly awesome.

By communicating the truths of my ‘other worldly’ perceptions of mine and my children’s soul journeys, I am honouring part of my soul’s purpose in a way that I have never done before.

Being heard

For a few reasons in this life, I felt a struggle in being heard. This has made me fluctuate between being, over-compensatory, annoying, too loud, too quiet, frustrated, and self-pitying. For years, I doubted what I have heard within myself  as well as what I felt and perceived. I tuned out the listening, the perceiving, the higher connections possible in life. And that is pretty unhealthy as it happens.

I have realised that the outward need to be heard helps us function in our social situations, but, the truly important thing is hearing yourself, deeply listening to yourself / others, your perceptions,  listening to what you hear, and trusting in that.

And then things can open.



Deeper connection.




And then, perceptions can widen.

I now trust these perceptions ( though I have had lots of lower-energy debates with myself about the ‘weirdness’ of it all!). It has taken time to accept the ‘is-ness’ of what I hear / feel / perceive. and I see how it positively impacts my health, my family and my clients.

The world of understanding and listening to the soul, the pre-nate, the baby, has been opened up to me by my children, and by my work and study. My babies’ souls beamed from before conception and they beam brightly through every moment! Other babies’ souls have beamed through settling with others at work, in opening awareness and open-hearted listening.

Pre-nate  / newborn experience – really?

The ‘newer’ understandings and studies in pre-natal and  birth psychology hold the sentience of the pre-nate and newborn as a central concept of what it means to be human. The research brings so much information on how we humans unfold in life as we unfold in embryological development. Our conception, womb and birth experiences shape us. They shape our behaviour and our relationships. It is fact. It is so beautiful to listen to babies in-utero and to newborns and hear what they bring and what they need. It is so beautiful to sit with a mama or mama and babe / child and for us to tune in to the same thing. Together we see what changes this deep understanding brings to  the womb environment, the process of the birth, the symptoms they come with, and the family unit. It is so beautiful to do this as a mama myself and feel the nourishment that resonates between beings.

Pre-conception listening – seriously?

Yes, seriously.

The listening to the pre-conceived  / pre-embodied souls exists, and is very powerful. There are so many anecdotal stories of senses that people have before their babies come into form. This kind of listening, to me, is sacred. It is as real as listening to someone speaking beside me, though probably less ‘accepted’ and infinitely more reverent and honest. This listening is showing us how life as we know it is changing. There is communion between souls, there is wisdom beyond words, there is connection to divine and there is a revealing of the family set-up that is more planned than we have ever known it to be. As mentioned, I have learned of this work from Shelley Lemaire who has been listening to the ‘incoming souls’ for many many years. Her work is far-reaching and is on the edge of our understanding. There is a wonderful community growing who are carrying this work forward in the fields of family work, fertility work, birth work, and true soul – listening work. It is awesome.

Why write? Why share the Baby Soul Beam?

The awesomeness of experience in listening to my own story, and to those of my children and now many others has led me to write about it:

  • For those who may have had / be having similar experiences
  • For those who are interested in soul communication
  • For those who are interested perceptions of/communication with the pre-nate and pre-verbal child

And for me.

These experiences, perceptions and thoughts are of me. How I have interpreted my perceptions of my own journey and those of my babies is personal to me.

Would you like to connect?

If you would like to get in touch to share your own experiences please do. Its so nice to connect, ethereally or virtually. I’d love to hear from you and open to the experiences of others.

I work at Stillspace Therapy. If you would like to find out more about me or contact for a session, click here.

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