Bringing Mama back through the baby soul beam

dancing light

I watched you both

Mother, Father

I,  as a flash, a twinkle, a light.


It seemed timeless, weightless, boundless – this space.

A trajectory of nothing and everything all at once,

and vast, so vast. I was happy there.

But happy to know you two.

The infinity of being, could come with me. I felt it.

Becoming form – and knowing the endless love and light of Oneness.

But somehow, on the way, I forgot that infinity. I became fluid-less form..

Scared, angry, lost, – thinking I was alone


Hiding the light, holding the light, forgetting the light

Surrendering to form as leader, the storyteller.

Misunderstanding the fluid-form-light dance.


And then,

My growing baby’s soul beam showed me the light again

Now, ‘Me’, here and full and bright again.


Connected across all time to those who sailed before me, and to come yet.




© September 2015