Propulsion to the light


I am taking part in a group with Shelley Lemaire called the Global Unified Body.

It is just lovely, awesome. A group of women from around the world who sit and listen together to the incoming souls. They are being heard as best we can hear them, and with our best intention.

It has helped so much to deepen my listening and understanding of what my own little one brings. There is more clarity around hearing the simplicity’s need to be heard.

There are struggles at times with the brain’s need to make sense of stuff that is infinity old and infinity new. There are lots of physical changes as part of the processing within the group, within me.

Something that has been sitting with me for some time through this is the newness coming out of the old. On all souls day I went with my family to an ancient cemetery that sits by the sea. A tradition to remember those who have passed.

There was beautiful light there, and a beautiful sense of the souls that had gone before. A very different sense of loss. It was almost hopeful. Light. I loved it. My children played on the beach as the tide swooshed in and out as it has for centuries and will for centuries yet.

The children played as children have since children were children, living in every moment, being present to exactly everything they need in that moment.

I was struck by my baby soul beam and how it hears and acknowledges that the ancestors have brought us so much in so many ways, and what lies present within us. Though at times we may not like it. It was clear to me that there was light and dark in this and that the soul to come brings its light to illuminate the darkness of the past. And in that, propel us forward through the veil of the body, and into more light than we have ever known.

Out of the death and decay springs a sweet new light.  I welcome it and allow myself to receive, and accept what that brings in simplicity, in change and in challenge. I allow myself to rest in the sense of momentum forward and I feel excited by what it brings.


© Copyright November 2015