Source matters – Amazing, I know that

Recently I was able to experience a session with my Prenatal support  ‘Witness’  and my Global Unified Body ‘sisters’ on the same evening. One followed the other. Perfect timing.

During the pre-natal session, my Witness and I spoke of vulnerability in sharing voice, experiences, etc, in acknowledging what you know but may be afraid of, in hearing your own voice, and in accepting (cognitively) how you may hear another across dimensions. We talked about the ‘judge’ the ‘inner critic’ and how that piece was still a voice that my head turned to listen to. She suggested that I give my inner critic a Craniosacral Therapy session. Hey, simple right? So I did.

It was the sum of all things seeing and thinking and it was turning these around and about in my body / psyche. It was physical, physical eyes moulding with third eye. It was trust. It was the cynical linguistic left brain opening to the creative intuitive knowing of right brain. It was the acute awareness of division. It was opening the left ear to hear, to be heard. It was so intricate that it is hard to remember the details, and really the details don’t matter now.

Afterwards I felt wide-eyed, more open. My third eye felt as though it had just taken its patch off – light was lovely. My brain felt wide open and receptive. In a ‘knowing, but not knowing what it was knowing’ kind-of way. It was amazing.

And so, after a time, I settled into connection with the ‘sisters’ of the Global Unified Body.  SO much arising.

And then, the purity came shining and said:

Receive ourselves truly, and receive Another. Truly.  Simple.



….Still smiling, accepting and basking in this some days later I am reminded of two beautiful things:

The first:

In my training as a therapist, our teacher Franklyn Sills spoke of the unequalled grace and beauty of the physical baby arriving into the world. As it comes in, the head raised and arms outstretched, the open heart shining, they say – not ‘I need your love’ rather –


And while we and our babies hold each other, being to being, no-name to no-name, we have this golden motion of love flowing one to the other. Receiving each others love.

When I had my daughter I remember feeling in that moment, that I had never NOT known her, that we had both come from something beautiful and I had known her forever. Somehow in the matter of myself I had lost the ‘knowing of the something beautiful’, and in that moment, she gave me a fleeting glimpse of that again.

It is familiar again after the session, I know this again. Both of my children are showing it to me clearly now (or I am seeing it clearly). It is showing up without doubt in my work with mammas and new babies.

The second:

My father-in-law had a good friend who replied ‘Amazing’ or ‘I know that’ to almost everything he said. My father-in-law later merged the phrases together and every time he found himself saying ‘Amazing!’, he would follow it immediately with ‘I know that’. My husband started to say this alongside him in life, and now says it in his memory. The phrase has caught-on in our home..

Since the beautiful session where knowing the purity and simplicity was revealed, where I have begun to receive of myself and of the one-ness with the incoming, I have found myself saying over and over:


I KNOW that.


© Nov 14 2015