Infinitely Intimate

So, our Global Unified Body listened again last night. There was so much that we shared together to hear and settle with the messages of the ‘incoming souls’ (as they are named beyond the blue).

There was so much in the physical change of it all, my nervous system felt old, then quiet, then new and tingly.

There was such a wonderful sense of the vulnerability of the female being interwoven with the masculine breath of strength. The peaceful warrior. ‘Masculeminine’, ‘Feminasculine’;  a merging of both to show a union of beauty. Hands clasped in connection. Neither greater, neither lesser. A weaving of sensuous strength.

And with this… emerging… such a sense of the ‘old’ ways of being needing to welcome the new. The old ears, the old eyes and the old ways of speaking. The old nervous system in its state of alert and readiness to flee from things seems to be making way for an ‘Iron Man’ of goodness and softness. The throat clearing for its new speech.

There is such awareness of moving forward through the fear of hearing our own voices, of speaking our truths, and of seeing clearly that the ‘dream’ is real.

That my little soul waiting is setting me up as a vessel to carry him, to birth him from his purity is awesome. That by receiving myself and this little soul in my heart, I can receive others and they can receive me. This is breath-taking to me.

That the little ones already here are telling us to listen to their siblings, and their embodied connection to the light (that we ‘human’ / ‘matter-ize’ ourselves out of so much) is also breath-taking.

And as the ‘sisterhood’ sat with this awareness of receiving, there was such an awareness of the soul sweetening into the heart.

For me it felt like a precious golden fluid, settling in my heart, and this, connecting with the golden soul-fluid of everyone.

And as this settled, here was the hand to hold it all, holding hearts in the palm of its acceptance. The unification of this felt so huge that it became an intimate viewing. Receiving One and receiving all in the tiniest and most vast moment.

So I sat and wrote the following for ‘me’ and my golden soul fluid, for my golden baby-beam soul fluid and so for all:


Where there is an old soul, there sits a new

Infinitely intimate, we two

Infinitely intimate with all heart’s souls – trickling gold

Sitting in the hand, the open hold

Beyond joy, pain, loss, grief

Beyond anything we know.

And we connect and love, and rest in this

stunning landscape of still unity.



© Nov 2015