Shine on you baby diamond

Another personal pre-natal awareness session meets another Global Unified Body listening session….

In the former, I was settling into feeling life as a baby – maybe a few days old. I was intrigued about how I was received. I felt the OK-ness in myself as this baby, an OK-ness that was totally connected to something greater, awesome, familiar –  to source. It was my navigator, my rudder, my anchor. All three in one.


I liked hanging out here, sailing in the OK.

This OK-ness was in the presence of the discomfort of my ‘form’, the body that I was in, how I arrived, and the ‘story’ of the surrounds, the people, the holding. There was so much questioning of  what the purpose of certain body parts were (in particular, the voice, the mouth) in the presence of the story of the parents.

I now know with certainty, that the connection to source throughout life is ever-present and palpable. The connection is in the non-conscious, and the struggle of life can lie in blending the conscious ‘form’ of us to the non-conscious source – the OK.

In acknowledging and ‘regressing’ to this pre-conception Ok-ness, I was able to see why I had chosen my parents, and I met my destiny, the essence within my mother, and without her story.

I connected from my pre-conception state to the heart-beam of my mother as a child. It was a very clear link. The child heart that could, and would hear me as an incoming in the ‘some-other-time’. It progressed as truth and destiny and a prophecy, in connection with her pre-form soul / her incoming soul. It settled my body sense to OK.

So there was an overall OK now, in form and in source. Phew! It felt like such a relief. To be received so purely by another in her purity.

As well as being very mind-blowing, this awareness that we choose our parents in timelessness gives earthiness to the idea of fate; the idea that there exists sublime foregone conclusions, that we make our wisest choices far before we even conceive of what a choice is. Our wisdom lies in connection to source, and the coming into form can somehow create struggle with the home of wisdom, and how we relate to it.


Later, in the larger group, in listening again to the older children, the adults who have arrived, we felt this created struggle, the returning to wisdom and safety, within the body, and within connection to source.

The integration of where we come from and where we reside is being brought to attention. If we can really hear the sweetness in and of the messages of our babies, and settle with their wisdom, we can begin to reconnect to our own wisdom, to our own source, and we can all come home to that. Again the theme of receiving ourselves allowing for the receiving of others comes through. A beautiful circle encompassing acceptance.

In sessions recently with babies in the womb, or in awareness of my own baby soul beam, it is clear that they are shining, bright centre-stage stars. They are singing their destiny.  They have chosen their womb-stage, their mama, in certainty. They know their wisdom, their stunning selves, their source. They own the spotlight, they own their voice, they own love.  And these little growing babies – in the womb, or who have arrived – are offering their hand to those who have forgotten the shining light in themselves, and inviting them to step into ‘shine’ again too.


It can feel sometimes, that the shining they bring is giving light to the edges of ourselves that we would like to keep quiet, out of the spotlight / stage left / back stage / out of the theatre altogether. It can feel like they are bringing exactly what we have not wanted to see in ourselves or hear of ourselves, or embody. It can feel like it is a case of opening up to the polar opposite of who we are.

And then they are holding our hand to show us how to shine with them, how to be OK in form, and in connection to source.

They want us to shine, they have chosen us for this. Timelessness ago.

They have chosen us for this! Whatever our ‘this’ is.

How fortunate we are.

Can we listen to them, acknowledge the awesomeness in them, receive the holding from them, receive them, and take a step towards shining alongside them – our little stars?



© 2015