What’s the (true) story?


Where I come from, the greeting from one to another is often: ‘What’s the story?’ It means, how are you, tell me what happened, what is going on with you… or  ‘What is the story with that???’ It means tell me the history of this situation.

In the past few weeks, as I settle into preconception / prenatal  awareness with my little one, and within deep listening and watching how things unfold in my body and with others, I feel as though I am welcoming a new story.

I feel as though I am welcoming a new truth.

My sessions with pregnant mamas and the babes within, or with new babies are revealing so much about the perfect place we all hold in the family unit.  In allowing the baby to lead I/we have been tuning in to the family ‘constellation’ –  where each member is in relation to each other. This different to the old story of what it should look like or what it has or hasn’t been. This is a new understanding. It is in the present. And when this information filters through to the body of the mama and babe, the sky is limitless in terms of change, or what we can allow to develop within and around us.

As I tune into this sense in myself and in the context of the Global Unified Body, I feel as though the certainty which I referred to in my last post (Shine on you baby diamond),  –  that sense of foregone conclusion –  is ever-stronger. The place of ‘me’/mother is one co-ordinate in the place of family. Physically I feel posture realign, my pelvis open and my legs stand into this place, my womb open and reach out, mamma on earth, connected to mamma earth and the all the mammas. The spiral through the body moves upwards, allowing change in womb, lungs, neck, jaw, allowing space and relationship to fluidly move in and out through the front of the body.

The star-place of each of my children, my husband, where they have come from and will ever go, is within an orb of exactness – divine precision.

I feel as though I am welcoming a new truth.

I feel as though the certainty within this truth follows itself through a new development in body, a new kind of embryology, a new kind of understanding what the development in ‘form’ is. Physically this feels like a new understanding of what the senses do, again I feel the ‘extra’ sense, beyond the physical five senses and even beyond the sixth sense.

As I sit with my family, writing, it feels like there is no separation between family members. I now just wait for my littlest one to come into body again. It feels like a foregone conclusion, the certainty of us as family, with the little one to come. There is earthiness in that.

There is a bigger picture;

The picture is wide, it is soul-to-soul,  babe-to-mamma, the place we each hold in family, the place we hold in relationship to the greater fields of families, to the greater field of each other, or community. Souls to souls. The picture shows how we move in this soul, or within this unit and how we flow through the units of others. In body, this feels as though the connectedness is vibrational, within all of the senses, showing the new receptivity and exchange within what can be.

I am / We are welcoming a new truth.

The truth is known by my children and they get it. We grown-ups/wise ones, over-think it all. And in over-thinking, we disperse the simplicity, we complicate the connection and dilute our intrinsic knowledge to doubt, fear, vulnerability, vigilance. We embody a different story. We feel it in restriction, pain, relational heartache, illness, lack of flow,.

I am / We are welcoming the truth of a new story.

One that embodies joy, tenderness, kindness, connection, perfection. One that allows the flow, the release, the welcoming.

I can now allow that story to move through me, to change my set-up from  fear to openness. I can allow that to let me follow the lead of my new fluidity to connection, not separation. I can follow the lead to surrendering to a wisdom that is clearly revealing itself and joining the cosmic dots of relationship in ways I never knew before, and yet know intimately somehow.

And as I sit here, on Christmas Eve, the time of The Family and welcoming The One as we are told that story, I feel that my body can drop into my constellation a little more. It can drop into my place of presence, my mamma-hood. It can allow for a new story to be told, that is the wider family, and that is a welcoming of the little ones to stand in their star spot. They can shine out the details of the new story, and we watch it unfold to connect us all in joy.


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