Flowing through: Unity and Self

“I am of you, I am with you, and yet I am.”

When I feel my children and my incoming soul, I feel the unity, the interwoven nature of our lives, our beings. I feel the cellular connection, not just in how my children may look or act like me at times but how the receiving of all of my little ones changes my body so much, in recognition of them and resonance with them.

And, within this I feel the fabulous individuation! The ‘I AM’ of my children. I feel how this individuality within the unity of the family is what makes things complete. It is how the puzzle pieces – which are in and of themselves, complete – further serve to complete a greater picture of family, and allow the constellation of family to be seen, strengthened and to shine.

I remember vividly the night I knew my second child was coming, or rather felt the validation of my ‘vibes’ a bit more.  I did a meditation that Shelley Lemaire had recorded and recommended. Sitting in my kitchen with my older baby asleep upstairs, I saw / felt / perceived somehow the essence of her. She was so strong and sure, such a certain presence beside me. And that image / feeling / sense of her never left me. Nor did the feeling of another little one in front of us, off in the distance who is my incoming now.

I remember how my daughter’s birth was described and received by Shelley and I before she came. I remember how it was seen as her coming from me and yet back into me. I remember listening to Shelley voice it and then her encouraging me to describe it as I saw it –  a mollusc-ey movement from inside a shell to form the spiral of the shell again together. SO powerful.

I remember too, the doubts I had in my body coming up to her birth – when would she come / how would she come… the ‘noise’ around that, which served only to stress me out and make it harder to hear the voice of her certainty, her knowing. And then I remember when she was born – it was like the movement I saw. How she emerged and the sense of never having been separate! Two years ago, almost at the very time I write this now….


And here she is, this two year old beauty, this individual, this massive, wonderful, colourful, everything-full, juicy person who is so unique – and yet we will be ever part of each other.

I witness this unity and individuation in work sessions with mothers-to-be more and more. This settling in the fluid unity  – the two bodies, two souls mutually nourishing each other, resting in each other and then the emergence of the individuality of the little soul  as it is received within and the mamma in her own soul’s wisdom.

I see the message clearly now, that birth is, and should be without boundaries, without force. With true listening and respect to hearing what the little one brings, it can be. The sense of the recognition of unity, at a deep cellular and soul level, bringing a flow in movement towards the baby’s emergence feels so much kinder than the set-up as we have known it – a system and process bathed in counteracting the fear of pain.

I see this kindness at a deep cellular level, that the bones become fluid, the whole structure moves in dynamic unity. I see it as more than a ‘mind over matter’ experience, more than something we can train ourselves to go through with ease. In recognising the fluidity of what the baby brings, it becomes simple.

It IS painful to exist in separation. It IS painful to challenge what can be your deepest and most divine connection and move forward in that continuous contest.

Isn’t it wonderful to receive our own unique-ness and that of our children?

Isn’t it wonderful to see how this receiving can bring us to true unity with one another!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we received this unity and flow as we carry our little ones in body and birth them from body!

I love it!

I am your incoming soul, whom you have received.

I have my voice that you feel, you know, you live.

I move through you, I live through you

My coming cannot be forced or driven

My embodiment is your embodiment

My flow is your flow

We are all at once, one and another

But My truth is My own

My soul is strength

My life is love

Receive Me in love, support Me in flow, and birth Me in simplicity.

©babysoulbeam.com Feb 2016